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WordPress upgraded to 3.5.1

Plugin upgrades

We upgraded a large number of WordPress plugins during the maintenance window this past Tuesday morning. In testing before and after the fact we found only one small glitch that was easily rectified. If you notice anything odd on one of your sites, though, don't hesitate to contact your Academic Computing Manager or the Web […]

For a brief period after the power outage, the automatic listing of WesScholar Works on faculty pages failed sporadically.  We have found the source of the trouble and made corrections so that it should not recur. Many thanks to the faculty who reported the trouble and helped us with their feedback to correct it quickly.

We've just installed a new plugin that lets you create a glossary for your site. It's called "Explanatory Dictionary." When a reader hovers over one of your key words, a definition you provide will appear beside your cursor. Contact your Academic Computing Manager or other ITS support staff for assistance.


We recently published the "CatWalker" plugin on the WordPress Plugin Repository. The plugin allows you to add a double dropdown widget to your site that will let you find the intersection of two categories. The plugin also allows you to use a custom taxonomy (called "Attributes"). Attributes work essentially like post categories, but you can […]

Earlier this morning we upgraded WesBase, our custom WordPress theme, to version 3.6.1. This latest release includes a full-width page template with no sidebar(s). The "one-column" page will offer a nice way to display large-format graphics. You can choose the new layout from the editing interface for any page. If your site has custom styles, […]

Upgraded to 3.0.5

We upgraded our WordPress to 3.0.5 earlier today. Shortly after our upgrade we learned of the release of 3.1. We'll catch up on that soon. The changes in the current upgrade are all pretty minor and mostly back-end stuff. The move to 3.1 involves a few modifications of the user interface, so we'll want to […]

Pages on a WordPress site can be organized hierarchically so that you have "parent" and "child" pages. If you are using page hierarchies, then you might like to know what happens to the visibility of the child pages when a parent is set to "draft" status. The answer is: Child pages that have been published […]

The Wesleyan WordPress system benefits from improvements that come with our recent upgrade to WordPress 3.0. Many site owners will be happy to find that page navigation and external links can now be intermingled, reordered, etc. by use of custom menus. To access custom menus, go to Appearance > Menus. The Search Pages plugin is […]

Our WordPress sites were unavailable for approximately one hour during the very early morning of November 22. Our system admin has corrected the problem that caused the ougtage. We apologize for the downtime.