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Requesting a WordPress Site Faculty and staff members may request an individual WordPress site for use in conjunction with their work. To request a site, go to the Tools and Links bucket in your Faculty or Employee Portfolio, and select Blog & Wiki Request. Once you agree to the usage policies for the Web 2.0 […]

For a brief period after the power outage, the automatic listing of WesScholar Works on faculty pages failed sporadically.  We have found the source of the trouble and made corrections so that it should not recur. Many thanks to the faculty who reported the trouble and helped us with their feedback to correct it quickly.

Occasional odd behavior

Over the past week we have seen occasional odd behavior on our WordPress sites (such as uploaded images seeming to disappear). We have determined that the oddities have to do with caching on our server, and we are on the trail of a solution. In the meantime, we believe that clearing the cache regularly should […]

Polling plugin

We've just added WP-Polls to our roster of WordPress plugins. Now you can add a poll to your sidebar, manage multiple polls, automatically display results, etc. Contact your Academic Computing Manager if you require assistance creating or managing a poll for your site.

Pages on a WordPress site can be organized hierarchically so that you have "parent" and "child" pages. If you are using page hierarchies, then you might like to know what happens to the visibility of the child pages when a parent is set to "draft" status. The answer is: Child pages that have been published […]

New Contact Form Plugin

We've installed a new contact form plugin. It's more current than the plugins we have been using, and it offers a lot of options. Look for the Fast Secure Contact Form in the list of plugins.

SlideShare and TOC

We've just added a couple plugins with some handy functionality The "SlideShare" plugin lets you easily embed slide presentations hosted on, well, SlideShare The "Hackadelic SEO Table Of Contents" plugin lets you drop a table of contents into any post or page simply by adding a [toc] shortcode anywhere on the page. The table is […]

Three columns for blog960

"blog960" is the name of the WordPress theme we developed to harmonize with the new Wesleyan web site. As of this afternoon, the blog960 theme supports three columns. When you go to the Appearance > Widgets page you will now see that there are two sidebar areas. If you add items to the second sidebar, […]

As mentioned in the previous post, the My Page Order plugin had fallen behind on some of the recent WPMU upgrades so that on some sites we were having to set the order by hand on each page. The new version of the plugin is available now, and it has many configurational options. The only […]

The "My Page Order" plugin is no longer functioning. There is reason to hope for a fix, but in the meantime, you can set the page order manually. Go to Pages > Edit to see a listing in order of all your pages. Hover over the title of a page whose order you want to […]

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